You’ll resume your singing, grabbing tambourines and joining the dance. Jeremiah 31:4
SATCH strives to promote faith, ethics and moral values in the talent industry.

SATCH strives to promote faith, ethics and moral values in the talent industry.

SATCH is designed to provide young South Africans with an opportunity to perform in five fields and to develop their musical and artistic talents. This competition will give them a platform to excel and to achieve national recognition for their talent.

The five categories in the competition are  dancing, singing,  playing a musical instrument, acting and modelling (each category has a selection of genres).

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to maintain excellent standards and healthy competition. We propose to achieve this mission by appointing first-rate experts in the industry as adjudicators, scouting promising talent over the entire country and showcasing talented participants to industry scouts. Our vision is to host SATCH with exceptionally high standards. The championship will offer participants fair and ethical adjudication, providing them with an unparalleled learning experience in an enjoyable environment. We hope to promote ethics and moral values in the talent industry and to create opportunities for talented South Africans to be discovered by experts in the entertainment industry.

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Meet The Team

Jeanette van der Merwe has a great love for the performing arts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in languages at the University of Pretoria and served on the Representative Student Council as the head of Arts and Culture. She is the founder and owner of the Bruidsgids and Wedding Guide magazines, amongst many other ventures. She is happily married and has three lovely children.


Liza-Marie Steinmann is passionate about performing arts and has always been involved in singing, drama and orators. She holds a Bachelors degree in Consumer Science (specializing in clothing) at the University of Pretoria. She is happily married with two adorable boys.
Their vibrant optimism, love for children and young people, and their faith, inspired them to become partners in The South African Talent Championship.

Genevieve Bekker recently joined the SATCH team and this came as an exciting opportunity, as she from a young age dedicated her life to dance.  Her love and compassion for people, together with her enthusiasm for the preforming arts makes her task of running the office very fulfilling.  Blessed with a loving husband and two children, she treasures every day spending time with them.  She lives by the words of Marsha Burns:  “You have an opportunity to be great.  But, greatness does not happen to you, it happens in you”.

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