SATCH is striving towards becoming more relevant in the international industry and our acting category is growing each year. Whether you are young or on the older side of life, you are never too old to try out your acting skills!

Our acting category offers a variety of genres to choose from. Monologues, Dialogues and Groups can select to do Comedy, which comes highly recommended, and is always a wise choice to make, because as the saying goes "laughter makes the world go round", and what can be more satisfying than to make your audience laugh. Our other genres range from Dramatical, for those performers who prefer a more serious approach, Contemporary, Classical, Biblical and the Musical genre for those who like to combine music into their performance. Dramatised Prose and Dramatised Poetry are also genres that are increasingly popular.

Since introducing our Commercial genre in 2012, interest therein is on the rise every year. Participants perform a 20 second commercial, chosen from our online selection of pre-written commercials. There are two categories available online, one for our younger generation of up and coming actors, 12 years and younger, and the other is for our teens, and the older generation, 13 years and up. Click on satch rounds, and select provincial round for access to the online commercial scripts from the drop down menu.

Our exciting new addition to the provincial round acting menu for 2015, is the Improvisation genre (Improv). Participants perform a 20 second improv on a topic chosen for them by the adjudicators. Click on satch rounds, select provincial round for access to the improv genre description under new genre descriptions from the drop down menu.

We also offer the Open genre, for those performers who are a little indecisive on what to choose, as anything may be performed under the Open genre.

With so many exciting genres to choose from in this category, we look forward to seeing all the acting talent in 2015.


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