Clothing/Styling Descriptions

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Fashion Runway

The Fashion Runway genre is intended for teens and adults who are older than 12 years of age and fit into standard fashion sizes by industry specs. Models must be at least 1.75 metres in height to qualify for this genre (male/female models). This showcases the model’s face, figure, movement, style, and personality.

Lifestyle/Commercial Runway

The Lifestyle Runway (otherwise also known as Commercial Runway) genre is for teens and adults who are 12 years and older. This genre is for models of any height, shape and size, who would be used as commercial models in printed advertisements, television commercials, and lifestyle fashion (male/female models). Many actors, singers and dancers are commercial models too, as appearance and style are essential to success in all parts of the entertainment industry.This genre accentuates the model’s face, figure, movement, style and personality.

Models may choose to participate in either Lifestyle Runway, or in Fashion Runway, but may not particiapte in both of these genres.

Childrens Runway

The Childrens Runway genre is for our younger generation models, under 12 years of age.

Family Runway

The Family Runway genre may be entered by any Lifestyle or Fashion Runway model who would also like to showcase his/her family. Family Runway is a fun and heart warming genre which shows where the model gets his/her looks and personality from. Models choosing this genre may have 1 – 3 family members walk with them, making the maximum number of people allowed to model in this genre 4. Please note, that only family members (moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, husbands, wives) may choose to walk with models in this genre. Models and their family members must walk the runway together, and may not split up for any individual modelling routines. Clothes and accessories for this genre can be an expression of individual taste and style, but still remain age appropriate. No revealing outfits are allowed, and clothing must always remain tasteful, which means choosing outfits which also cover tummies.

Modelling, Clothing and Styling Tips

Models must appear age appropriate, therefore the clothes you wear should also match your age. Teens should look fun, bright, colourful and natural. Mature models should also dress age accordingly and not try to dress in clothes too young for them. This applies to both the female and male gender. Clothing must always remain tasteful with tummies covered, and no revealing outfits are allowed.

Models should avoid using hand gestures, hands on hips, too many turns and long pauses, as this becomes distracting. Make your modelling routine a simple walk, good posture, a friendly facial expression with preferably a smile, and good eye contact. Never try to over-model, and always keep it simple and natural.

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