National Round Information

How do I qualify for the national round?
Only participants who passed the provincial round, and participants who received exemption, may enter for the national round. All participants who received exemption must have sent us an exemption form and paid the R200 exemption fee, before they can enter for the national round.

How do I enter for the national round?
• We prefer that you enter online at, but you can also download the entry form and send it to or fax to 086 631 8256.
• All entries for the national round must reach us by 16 August 2015.
• If a participant qualified for the vocal, acting and modelling categories in the provincial round, then he/she may enter any genre in those categories at national level.
• In the instruments and dance categories, participants may only perform the dance genre/s and instrument type/s for which they qualified in the provincial round.
• A participant may do a maximum of 6 items in each category.
• A total of 4 items are included in the national round entry fee for solo, duet and trio entries.
• A total of 2 items are included for quartet and group entries.
• Only 2 extra items may be done in each category, at an extra fee of R300 per extra item.
• You can enter in one of the following age groups: 4-7; 8-10; 11-13; 14-16; 17-19; 20-24; 25-30; 30+
• Participants can confirm whether we have received their entry and payment, by sending an email only to kindly request no telephone confirmations.

Categories and Genres:
ACTING (Genres: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Contemporary, Classical, Bible, Dramatised Prose, Dramatised Poetry, Commercial, Improv, Open)
The above genres are applicable to Monologues/Dialogues/Groups, except for the Commercial genre which is applicable to solo’s only. Commercial scripts are available at or participants may perform their own 20 second commercial.
DANCE (Genres: Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Contemporary, Latin, Acrobat, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Folk, Freestyle, Disco, Modern, Character, Open)
INSTRUMENT (Genres: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Original, Contemporary, Pop, Blues, Broadway, Open)
Instrument Type (Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Other)
MODELLING (Genres: Lifestyle Runway/Fashion Runway/Childrens Runway, Family Runway, Swimwear)
You may either enter for Lifestyle, Fashion or Childrens Runway. Participants older than 12 years who are 1.75m or taller in height, may enter for Fashion Runway. Children 12 years and younger may only enter for the Childrens Runway. Modelling genre descriptions are available at
VOCAL (Genres: Gospel, Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, World, Country, Latin, Rap, Contemporary, Broadway, Motion Pictures, Opera, Acapella, Afrikaans, Singer/Songwriter, Open)

When and where is the national round?
• The national round will be held during the school holidays, at the Vodadome (Vodaworld) in Midrand, Gauteng from 4 – 9 October 2015.
• Participants will be informed beforehand of the date/s and time/s of their performance/s, according to the national round schedule. The preliminary schedule will be sent in September.
• Participants scouted during the national round for AMTC in Orlando, USA, must be available for an information session with Jaco Booyens, on Saturday 10 October 2015.

What are the competition rules?
• Performances are limited to 60 – 90 seconds per performance in the vocal, dance, acting and instruments categories, for solo, duet, trio and quartet items.
• The time limit for groups is 2 minutes.
• The time limit for all acrobatic performances is 2 minutes, and applies to solo, duet, trio, quartet and groups.
• In the modelling category, participants may walk the ramp twice for each of their modelling genres.
• There will be strict monitoring of time limits and participants will be stopped if their performances exceed the above times.
• Participants must adhere to the schedule and arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time slot. This allows participants to be prepared in the event that the program runs ahead of schedule, and also to prepare for their performance/s.
• Every participant has to provide us with their music (backtrack) on CD only. Only one item per CD is allowed.
• Remember to always have a backup CD on hand (preferably 2), in the case that the other CD's do not play. All the items can be written on the same backup CD.
• All CD’s have to be written in WAV format only. Remember to mark all CD’s very clearly with yoiur name, surname, age group, category and genre to make it easier for the sound engineer, as problems with CD's could cause unnecessary delays in the schedule from running on time. Please make sure that all backtrack CD's are in working order, by checking them all before you arrive to perform your items. SATCH cannot be held responsible for backtracks that are not in working order, and this could cause items to be cancelled. In the vocal category, only backtrack sound is allowed, and no backing vocals.  
Participants must perform age appropriate pieces. The content of performance pieces, especially in the acting category, must be suitable for all ages. Remember that SATCH is a family friendly competition, and not adhering to this rule could cause participants to be penalised.
• Participants will be disqualified if they wear revealing clothing or portray negative messages in their performances. The use of swearing and any other bad language will not be allowed.
For more information visit us at
• In the dance category, participants may not wear revealing costumes and no tummies may be revealed. Flesh coloured body suits under dance costumes will be allowed.
• In the swimwear genre, participants may only wear one piece costumes. Two piece swimwear, or any revealing one piece costumes are not allowed.
• Costumes/appropriate attire will be taken into account at national level. Tummies must be covered at all times.
• Modelling items are done on a straight ramp. Models must do their modelling items according to the modelling routine on as this is according to AMTC standards. No pageant   modelling is allowed.
• Items can be performed in Afrikaans and/or English.
• All travel and accommodation costs, entry fees and expenses will be for the participant’s own expense.

How much do I pay per item?
• A maximum of 6 items per category is allowed.
• The entry fee for solo, duet and trio entries include any combination of 4 items. This means that you DO NOT pay the fee for EACH category.
• The entry fee for quartet and groups include any combination of 2 items.
• Extra items may be entered at an additional fee of R300 per item. Only 2 extra items are allowed per category.
• The national round fees are not refundable.

Solo (includes 4 items, any combination of categories)                                                                                                R750 (R658 + VAT)
Duet (includes 4 items, any combination of categories)                                                                                              R800 (R702 + VAT)
Trio (includes 4 items, any combination of categories)                                                                                                R900 (R789 + VAT)
Quartet (includes 2 items, any combination of categories)                                                                                            R1000 (R877 + VAT)
Small Group 5 – 9 Participants (includes 2 items, any combination of categories)                                                      R1250 (R1096 + VAT)
Medium Group 10 -19 Participants (includes 2 items, any combination of categories)                                                R1500 (R1316 + VAT)
Large Group 20+ Participants (includes 2 items, any combination of categories)                                                        R2000 (R1754 + VAT)
* R300 per extra item

How to pay?
• A direct deposit or electronic transfer can be made into our bank account.
• All national round fees must be paid by no later than 16 August 2015.
• The group fees are per group and not per individual.
• All groupings (duet, trio, quartet, group) must pay one amount, and not divided separate amounts when paying for their entries. We cannot allocate divided amounts for participants when updating    payments online.
• Participants can confirm whether we have received their payment, by sending an email only to We kindly request no telephone confirmations.
• All payments must be made in the correct amounts. Please make sure that you read and understand the fees correctly, and that you pay the correct amounts for all your items. An administration fee of R60 will be deducted on all incorrect amounts paid into our account, for which a refund has to be made.
• Only the name and surname of the participant/s must be used as reference when making payment. We cannot allocate payments with incorrect references, and your payments will reflect as outstanding.

Banking details:
The South African Talent Championship
First National Bank
Account number: 6238 244 1790
Branch code: 25 26 45
Reference: Name and surname of participant/s only.


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